Espacio Público is an independent think tank that seeks to contribute to a fairer, more transparent and democratic society; with economic, social and political development that benefit all citizens.

We contribute to the public debate with the collaborative input of ideas and proposals, offering spaces for reflection and conversation that allow us to move our society towards an inclusive and sustainable development. We work with high methodological standards, and make rigorous use of evidence.

We aspire to positively contribute to the challenges faced by countries such as Chile, in order to move collectively towards a new model of development that includes the role of the State, economic growth, and its relationship with the environment, social justice and respect for diversity.

We offer an independent and transparent practice, which brings together actors from varying sectors to promote a quality debate that advocates for long-term social change, and better opportunities for all citizens. At Espacio Público we value pluralism and the efforts required in order to achieve public policy that assimilates difference.

Through our advocacy, we seek to directly influence authorities and decision makers in order to define, and appropriately prioritize the public agenda. Additionally, we seek to make a positive contribution to the levels of engagement of citizens in public policy debates. Through the dissemination of ideas and information, we allow citizens to participate, and together, create a shared vision of democracy, inclusiveness and thus, sustainable development.

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