Observatorio Anticorrupción


In the recent municipal elections, the government had applied a new legislation for political campaigns, which gave citizens more tools to fight corruption. In order to make those rules more effective, Espacio Público has created the web platform www.lupaelectoral.cl. This platform
provided citizens with relevant information in a simple and user-friendly way, regarding the public places in each municipality where electoral propaganda could be displayed, the declarations of interests and patrimony of every candidate for mayor, the amounts of private contributions received and the list of people that finance every candidate. In addition, the platform presented data on complaints that have been filed and sanctions imposed by the Servel.


Chile Check is a platform created by Espacio Público, IES Chile, and Turner Chile (CNN and Chilevisión) that is based on an internationally-validated “fact check” system which seeks to provide all citizens with access to credible information to promote informed decision-making. In its first stage, Chile Check will analyze the public speeches of the candidates for the 2017 presidential elections, placing their statements into eight categories ranging from “Fact” to “Absurd.” This information will be available on the Chile Check website: www.chilecheck.cl


“It is important that both citizens and the media engage in the anti-corruption agenda that is currently being debated in Congress. Even though decisions will be made in the Congress, all stakeholders bear responsibility for moving the agenda forward. Informed citizens are critical to ensure the approval of good laws that improve our democratic system.”

Eduardo Engel, President of Espacio Público and former President of the Presidential Advisory Council on Conflicts of Interest, Influence Peddling and Corruption. We believe that implementing the anti-corruption agenda, proposed by the Presidential Advisory Council on Conflicts of Interests, Influence Peddling and Corruption, is critical for strengthening our democracy. The proposals of the anti-corruption agenda are detailed in the report presented to the President of Chile on April 24 th , 2015-.

We believe this agenda is essential to both respond to the severe distrust that Chileans show towards their democratic institutions and to substantially improve our regulatory framework. Thanks to the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), we have undertaken a number of initiatives to promote the engagement of civil society in this process, including:

– Follow-up of the legislative process in Congress
– Creation of an alert system and periodic reporting
– Weekly and monthly newsletters reporting the status of bills, key events and other news.

In addition, together with Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente we created the “Anti-Corruption Observatory,” an online platform to follow-up on both the bills under discussion in Congress and the policies proposed that seek to materialize the 236 proposals of the Anti-Corruption Council. Updated weekly, this website shows both the progress of each recommendation and the quality of the legislation or public policies being proposed by the government, the National Congress and other public institutions.

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Observatorio Anti-corrupción