Manuel Inostroza

Board Member

He is a medical Doctor and holds an MA in Finance and Public Health Management from John Hopkins University. In his professional career he has worked as the commissioner of Health and Health Insurance, Director of the Peñalolén Health Centre (Cordillera Oriente), consultant for the Pan-American Health Organization in Washington, DC and Regional Ministerial Secretary of Planning for the Santiago Metropolitan area.

He worked as an advisor for the ministry of the general secretariat of the presidency, during the modernisation of the state division; also at the ministerial committee for the modernisation of public management. He was also chief of staff to two Health Ministers in Chile: Carlos Massad and Alex Figueroa

He is currently the director of Campos Clínicos, and Director of the Master’s Programme of Public Health and consultant for the Public Health Institute at Andrés Bello University. He is also a member of the Council of the Executive Public Management system.