Our values

A vision of shared and conscious development: Our work and proposals are aimed at generating fairer and more democratic societies. For this to happen, we believe in the need to move towards more sustainable economic and social development. All whilst ensuring that the development benefit all members of society, and that there is respect for diversity, as well as being aware of the impact this has on both our environment and our social environment.

Rigor: We have developed a standard of work that is committed to excellence, making rigorous use of both existing literature and evidence, as well as generating new evidence and reflections.
-Impact and influence: Our work is aimed at creating relevant and concrete transformations in our society. At the same time, we seek to involve citizens in becoming the change they want to see in creating a shared vision of the country.

-Transparency: We conform to high international and transversally validated standards to offer total transparency in regards to our operations, funding and projects.
-Independence: We operate with total independence, impartial to the varying political, economic and interest groups related to the topics we address.

-Broad vision: We understand that developing effective public policy not only involves providing quality, specialized responses to social problems, but that it also considers its complex political and socio-cultural implications. Therefore, in our work we take into account different visions, fostering conversation and agreements in order to make our proposals viable. Furthermore, we seek to integrate diverse views in a collaborative effort to improve our society.

-Collaboration: We seek to ensure that our work represents the relevant concerns of citizens and that the creation of proposals reflects the collaborative work of experts, civil society, academia and the public sector. Thus, we seek to be a true «public space» of encounter and shared society of knowledge.